What is a Scibbi™???

Battling the dribbley baby in the cold winter air has just gotten the best of me.  My then, 8 month old Ford was constantly soaking his sweet neck & shirt from cutting those first teeth.  I could no longer hack the filthy dirty UGLY bib . So I googled.  Nothing but bandanas & style-less solutions.  I then settled in at my sewing machine and came up with my first scibbi prototype. 
Made fashionable with fun quilting grade cotton fabric & absorbent diaper flannel.... and wha-la!  We have the scibbi! ( I just love it when function meets fashion!) I threw that thing right around Mr. Fordy's sweet little neck and off we went! 
After being stopped several times that very day by moms wondering where they could get this baby-scarf I instantly decided to start making them available to everyone!!  

Offered now in many retail stores + more online stores being added daily!