Turkish Fringe Hand Towel

Authentic 100% cotton Turkish hand towel. 

18” X 40” - very large- hangs best over a traditional towel bar if it is double folded.

 Any style other than the 2 interlock styles can be 1 or 3 initials.

To see the Limited Style Turkish Fringe Towel (the $25 one) click here (limited font choices... but still so great!!)

** Double Initial Interlock styles can be husband and wife's first name initial's, a person's first and middle or first and last name, or the initial of a last name interlocked.  Just leave one box blank for text input if you are wanting this style.

Style shown is Double Initial Interlock, colors shown:

  • Hot pink & grass
  • DK Peri and baby blue
  • Olive and ocean
  • Charcoal & silver

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